Best TVs to Game On

Best TVs to Game On

Best TVs to Game On

Best TVs to Game On- Are you a gamer? Do you need the best possible TV to game on?
We have a list of TVs for you to try out. These are the best possible gaming TVs you could have in this era.
There are a lot of TV manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and more.

The first Company we are looking at is Panasonic. They have been around for a very long time. Their 2017 TVs have a game mode that can be engaged for HDR content. The TV we nominate from Panasonic is the Viera DX902 series. It provides the perfect blacks, accurate colours and low lag (38ms). The price? Yeah, for this perfect TV for gaming, the price is not so much perfect. A 58 inch version of this TV will cost you roughly £2000. So get ready to make a hole in your pocket.
Another company is Samsung. They have also been around for a very long time and are one of the top TV manufacturers. The best Samsung TV for gaming is the MU7000 series. It is the most affordable SUHD TV range of the past year. It doesn’t cost too much at a price of £1000. It has a great picture quality and is the natural successor for the TVs before it.
Sony is also very well-known manufacturer and is known for its great picture quality and low lag. The rich colours are also favoured in the Sony range. The TV I recommend is the Sony XD93 which locks into a HDR mode but has a higher lag (60ms). Only TVs released after the second half of 2016 come with game mode that can be used for HDR games. They’re either expensive or have lower specs.

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