Memorable Ads

Memorable Ads Over The Last 40 Years

UK TV Repair have looked at some of the best adverts that have been around over the last 40 years. Let’s face it adverts tend to be very boring and when you are tuning into your favourite program you just wish they would end quickly instead of dragging, however there have been some very funny and memorable one! Here are UK TV Repairs handpicked 3 of the best ads:

  • Cadbury Gorilla

A great way to kick this off has to be with the Cadbury Gorilla drumming to Phil Collins greatest hit ‘In The Air Tonight’ this advert has to be one of the most memorable ads of all time and due to this it was voted 2007 most popular television commercial. With the help of the drumming Gorilla Phil Collins track was then back in the charts years later reaching number 9 in the UK’s download chart.

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  • Andrex Puppy

When you think of Andrex toilet rolls you most probably think of that cute little blonde puppy. The Andrex Puppy first showed on our screens in 1972 and ever since its legacy has continued as adverts with it are still being released, however instead of being the real life dog it is now a digital version.

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  • Coca Cola – Holidays Are Coming

Santa started to be associated with Santa back in 1995 where the advert shows Santa Claus drinking a bottle of coca cola. The ad also included bright Christmas lights and bright red coca cola trucks with Santa on the back of them. This genius idea helped create the image of the Santa we associate with today. Last year marked the 20th anniversary of this iconic advert

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