Plasma and LCD TV Repairs

LCD Plasma TV Repair

LCD and Plasma screens are quite different. In a plasma screen, each pixel is a tiny fluorescent lamp which is switched on or off electronically. Where as in an LCD screen, the pixels are switched on and off electronically using liquid crystals to rotate polarized light. This means that both plasma and LCD TVs are hard to repair. However here at UK TV repairs we have the qualified engineers who work at a high standard who will take the liberty to fix these TVs in the best way that they can putting 100% effort into the task at hand.

Have you ever wondered what the function of a LCD is? Nah scrap that. But what I can tell you is how we are a callout service and will come directly to your home and collect the TV and also drop it off right back to your home. Now that’s some relaxing time for you. We do all the work even installation. So you sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. we come to your house and we will try to diagnose the problem for you and see if it can be repaired in the presence of your home however if this is not possible then it will be brought back to our shop and will be repaired in a high quality working environment where everything will be professionally handled. Now that’s sound great doesn’t it? Knowing your device is in safe hands, not having to worry about somebody claiming to fix your TV and running off with it. We are a trustworthy company who will give you (our customer) great service and a short efficient time in which we will fix your TV whether it’s a plasma or an LCD.

If you’re having trouble with your plasma or LCD TV then contact us today on 0121 673 2579

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