SMART TV With Slow Internet

My SMART TV Has Poor Internet Connection

SMART TV’s are growing more and more popular, they are arguably one of the most powerful televisions around to this day and are quickly becoming the most popular television to purchase in the UK. Some SMART TV’s tend to have an issue where the internet signal is weak making accessing apps and other programmes that require internet hard to connect also creating a constant buffering which is highly irritating. In this guide UK TV Repair will walk you through how to exactly improve your signal strength if you do in fact have a SMART tv repair birmingham

Make Your SMART TV Internet Faster

WI-FI Routersmart television repair bromsgrove

Try realigning the aerial on the WI-FI router, with the best result when it is at right angles to the direction from the router to the TV. Trying this first could save you some money.

Powerline Network Adaptersmart television wifi issues

Turn any electrical outlet into an Ethernet Network connection. Easy to install and use, Powerline networking adapters plug straight in to any 3 pin mains socket. They will automatically detect one another and form a network between themselves using your existing mains wires rather than requiring you to install specialised network cable.

Wireless Range Extendersmart televison repair near me

Purchasing a wireless range extender can vastly improve
your signal strength, prices of these do vary dependent on how quickly you would in fact like you TV to run, but purchasing one could save you money instead of phoning a costly call out.

If you are still not having any luck in improving your WIFI the problem may be inside of the television itself. UK TV Repair can improve your television connection speed, simply call us on 0121 371 0011 and we will book you in for a home visit at a time that suits you best.

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