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UK TV Repair receives many calls regarding televisions producing sound but no picture. This can be fixed. You could be watching TV the one day and the next day when you turn it on the image being displayed can just disappear. This is a problem with the inverter board most likely.

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If you have a LCD television and you are experiencing this problem a fast solution to open up your television removing the cover, to remove the inverter board firstly you must loosen up the ribbons taking it off. On the inverter board there is a chip, to locate the bad chip search for a black pin, if you can see a black pin you have located the problem. Replacing the inverter board is a lot cheaper than buying a replacement TV.

If you follow those steps and replace the television inverter board then most likely you have fixed the issue yourself, if you have a TV which isn’t and LED the problem may be harder to fix on your own, we would advise you to get in contact to television experts like ourselves here at UK TV Repair.

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If your television is producing audio but no display then UK TV Repair can fix it for you making your TV back to normal. Call the experts on 0121 371 0011, we offer:

A Free Call Out

No Fix No Fee

Same Day Service

We Fix All Makes and Models

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