TV Repair Coleshill

In need of a TV repair? It doesn't matter what make or model it may be or how old or new it is UK TV Repair are the experts in all kind of TV repairs. With years of knowledge and experience in television repairs why would you pick any other repair shop? Our local and qualfied Coleshill engineer will visit your home and make sure you are fully satisfied with your repair.

Common Television Faults

  • TV won't start up at all.
  • A 'Black Box' imprinted on the screen.
  • Volume is changing without notice.
  • TV switching on but no picture is being displayed.
  • An image is being displayed but there is no audio playing.
  • TV is stuck in 'stand by' mode.
  • V has horizontal/ vertical lines on screen disrupting the image.
  • Unusual sound is coming from the TV.
  • TV won't start up at all.

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