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LCD TV Repair

LCD TV Repairs

Here at UK TV Repair we offer one of the best LCD TV Repair Service around for faulty, damaged or broken televisions of all brands and sizes. So regardless of what LCD TV you have and whatever problem may be chances are we can fix it!

LCD stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display Television’ and are commonly slim designed and come in a variety of sizes, they are one of the most common TV’s currently in the market due to the high quality of image produced.

Common faults we have seen at UK TV Repairs with LCD TV’s are of the following:

  • Flickering screen
  • Screen image disappears after several seconds
  • Dim screen
  • Slow start
  • Power LED on, but no picture
  • Shuts down for no apparent reason
  • No led on no picture or sound
  • No picture or sound
  • Sound and no picture
  • Unusual colours and/or line

If you are having one of these problems or any other problems with your LCD television then look no further and call UK TV Repair today on 0121 673 2579.

LED TV Repair

LED TV Repairs

LED televisions (Light-emitting diode) display is a flat panel screen; they use an array of light-emitting as pixels and are usually bright screens. Large scale LED displays are used outdoors for billboards, and public transport signs due to the high level of light it produces. The first LED TV to be created was by James P. Mitchell in 1977 from then they advanced dramatically developing in technology becoming one of the most common televisions to date.

Common faults with LED TV’s include the following:

  • Power supply board inside your TV set being broke
  • Leaking fluid or bulges at the top or base of the caps
  • Damaged capacitors
  • Weak analogue signal 
  • Light of TV flashing
  • Poor image quality

Call us today if you have any of these problems, if the problem you are having with your LED television is not listed above do not hesitate to give us a call on 0121 371 0011 where you will be able to arrange a visit of one of our highly experienced repair technicians.

plasma tv repair

Plasma TV Repair

Plasma TV’s are commonly over 30 inches and come in a flat screen form. They have got the name of ‘plasma’ due to using small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases to produce its image. Some Plasma TV’s can be made up to a massive four meters long.

Advantages of plasma TVs include:

  • Producing dark colours
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Less visible blur
  • Superior brightness levels
  • Less expensive to buy per inch compared to LED and LCD televisions

Disadvantages of plasma TVs include:

  • Flickering affect
  • Gradual decline in image brightness after time
  • Do not work well at high altitudes
  • For radio tuning plasmas do not produce the best sound quality
  • Plasma TV’s can be very heavy

Common faults with plasma TV’s include

  • Electrodes damage inside
  • Over heating issues
  • Power Supply Faults
  • Sound comes out of TV but no image can be displayed
  • Buffer board problems 
  • Audio/ video main faults

If any of these faults have occurred on your Plasma TV and you would like to speak to a expert regarding this call UK TV Repair now on 0121 371 0011 and we can get you booked in for a visit at a time that suits you best.

OLED TV Repair

OLED TV Repair

OLED TV’s stand for organic light-emitting diode. OLED’s are created using small polymers which are then packed together providing a powerful display therefore it can provide both intensely dark images as well as brighter ones.

Advantages of OLED’s include:

  • They are slim, lighter and more flexible then LCD and LED televisions
  • OLED’s are bright
  • They do not require back lighting
  • They consume little power for a television
  • They have large fields of view

Disadvantages include:

  • Usually OLED TVs will not last a life time
  • Manufacturer processes tend to be expensive
  • Water can easily damage these systems

OLED’s in the near future are set to replace other TV’s on the market due to having the latest technology installed onto them.

Issues surrounding OLED televisions:

  • Ink blotches appear on the screen
  • The screen tends to flicker
  • There is a burn problem

If you have any issues with your television contact UK TV Repairs today on 0121 371 0011 and speak to the professionals regarding your problem, from there we can go to your home address and fix any issues regarding your OLED TV.